Warraphat’s School Curriculum for the Dual Language program is for teachers, administrators, instructional leaders, curriculum developers, professional development provider, assessment and evaluation specialist, policy maker, and advocates who expect their emerging bilingual students to develop bilingualism. The curriculum was designed for developing happy and confident Thai students who remains positive character of Thai-ness and can communicate fluently both in Thai and English. Various teaching approach and methods are integrated to create the active and participatory learning atmosphere with supportive English communication environment.

Important of Dual Language Program for primary level students

          English is known as an international language and has been use to communicate between countries worldwide. To be able to use English in daily life provides a person a greater progression in learning and working.

          The world becomes smaller because of the development of Technology. Learners have more chance to access to knowledge from worldwide. Many useful knowledge resources provided in the IT world use English as a communicative language. Learners who are fluent in English have fewer barriers in acquiring various field of knowledge from global network.

          English is a skill-base subject and need be to learn in a natural way. To be fluent in English, Learners need the environment that encourages them to practice in daily life. The old method of English teaching in Thai school seems not to provide much the environment of English practicing in daily life.

          In order to provide a better learning opportunity for Warraphat’s students, Warraphat School provides the Dual Language Program (DLP) for primary level students. The program was designed to promote the environment of using English in class. Each week students will study 15 periods of an integrated theme study provided by English speaking teacher during the second half of the school schedule and full-day study in English on Friday.

Objectives of the Program

          The purpose of the Dual Language Program for primary level students is to provide students with a natural method of learning a second language; English.  After finishing the program they should be able to express themselves fluently in both their native language; Thai, as well as in their second language; English.

Vision, Goal, and Student Competency

     Vision :  

          Dual language program curriculum is designed to enhance the ability of the students in communicating both in English and Thai as well as to attain the balanced development of the students in physical strength, knowledge and morality.  The knowledge and vital skills of the students must, at least, equal to the indicators set by the Basic Education Core Curriculum BE 2551 (AD 2008). The students will study in happy and active learning atmosphere which the teachers integrated various approaches and methods that support the participatory learning atmosphere such as Brain-Based Learning, Open Approach, Project Based Learning, Balanced Literacy so that the students will have useful learning skills as well as active citizenship for living and learning in the 21st century.

     Goal :

          The students of Dual language program will be confident Thai people who love and cherish Thai-ness and are able to speak, listen, read and write fluently in both Thai and English with good manner and proper physical appearance. The knowledge and skills of the students in each grade level must, at least, meet the indicators set by the Thai Basic Education Core Curriculum.