Student Competency:

          Dual language program is emphasis on building benefit habits and characteristics as well as the standard of knowledge and skills for the learners.  At the end of program, the students should achieve the following quality:

  1. The students have good attitude toward language learning both Thai and English
  2. The students perform satisfy standard of knowledge and skills for communication, thinking, problem-solving, technological knowledge and life skill.
  3. The students have good physical and mental health and hygiene.
  4. The students perform good social skills such as being able to work as a team, being able to manage conflict among each other in creative and non-violent way, making decision based on logical thinking, and responding to their own decision.
  5. The students accept the variety and differences of ethics and cultural believe and are able to adjust themselves to live peacefully among the variety.
  6. The students perform characteristic of active learners such as learning with passionate, paying attention to activities, questioning and inquiring about subjects and theme to be learned and other issue of interest, love reading and writing, willing to share and give opinion with others, having own way to acquire wanted knowledge.
  7. The students perform quality of active citizenship which are loving the nation andThai-ness, religious and the king, having self-discipline, self-responsibility and morality, respecting the differences of each person both in physical and mind aspect, having public mind, honesty, being reasonable, nature and environment caring.

Program Structure

          At all levels there will be one Thai teacher and one foreign teacher who are jointly responsible for the class.  In the early primary grades these two teachers will, between them, cover the teaching of most subject areas; with the exception of classes such as Thai language, mathematics, Chinese and/or music.  In higher grade levels there would be subject teachers who would teach their subject to the different grade levels. 

          In all subject areas and at all grade levels the topics the students study will fully correspond with the Basic Education Core Curriculum BE 2551 (AD 2008) for Primary Grades as well as with the program of studies for Warraphat School.  The different subject areas will be split between the Thai and foreign teachers.  Four main subjects which are Thai Language, Math, Science, and Social Study will be taught by Thai teacher in the morning classes from Monday to Thursday. The English speaking teacher will design the afternoon activities and Friday’s classes according to the theme which integrated various subjects’ content. In the case of Math and Science the students will be taught mainly in Thai with the foreign teacher doing some work on the English vocabulary for topics that have already been learned in Thai.