Miss. Nadine Cristy P. Pacumbaba

Miss. Nadine Cristy P. Pacumbaba

Kru. Nadine

Position : English  Teacher

Slogan    : Teaching is not a matter of Ability, but it’s a matter of Responsibility

Educational Background :Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Registered Nurse)

                                                      :Diploma in Teacher Education

Job experiences    :8 years of teaching English in Nursery and Kindergarten 2010-2018

                                      :English Camp’s Facilitator with I-Kids

Pride and Reward   : Silver Award: OSOI (One School One Innovation)

                                           with I-Kids headed by Teacher Raquel – 2011

                                         : Warraphat School’s Good Teaching Practice Recognition – March 2017

                                         : English Competitions in Hatyai with I-Kids 2010-2017

                                         : Malaysia Competitions with I-Kids – September 2017